2022 Resurfacing Program

This year, the Village has two major construction projects that will include 12.6 miles of roadway improvements and 11,000 feet of water main replacement combined. The Village maintains a street condition rating system and uses that assessment and several other factors, including the age and condition of the underground utilities such as the water main, to select project locations and their limits. This year will be the largest roadway improvement project in the history of the Village. The projects will be paid for with funding from the Motor Fuel Tax, REBUILD Illinois Bond Funds, Water & Sewer Funds, Local Funds, and State of Illinois Capital Grant.

The Village understands that the work will be disruptive, and we appreciate your patience and safety during this construction season. Construction notices will be mailed to impacted residents, and project updates will be posted on the Village’s website regularly. Residents are also encouraged to contact the Public Works Department at 630-823-5700 for specific information and inquiry about the project. Please refer to an interactive map of the project location and limits. 

UPDATE - 9/26/22

Resurfacing - Paving has been completed, including the pavement markings. Village staff is in the process of completing the final inspect for the project and preparing a punch list to be addressed by the contractor.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the completion of this project, please contact Public Works at 630-823-5700. 

Please continue watering the grass to help it grow into a beautiful yard.

Infrastructure Improvement  - The main line of the new water main is completed on Northway Drive. The next steps include installing fire hydrants between Whitebridge Lane and the creek, testing, and then installation of services. When transferring individual services from the old water main to the new one a 30-minute service interruption should be expected. Contractor will knock at each home as work progresses. 

Paving is completed on Church Street, Mulberry Street, Linden Avenue, Poplar Avenue, Redwood Avenue. Next step in this area is parkway restoration.

For the duration of the project, residents will retain access to their street and driveway though minor delays may occur.  If you have any questions regarding construction activities, please contact Public Works at 630-823-5700 for additional information.  





Street Repair Sign