Fire Safety With Candles

Safety Tips

Candles are one of the most common causes of house fires in the United States, as well as in our own community. Following are some safety tips to keep in mind when burning candles:

  • Use candle holders that are sturdy, non-combustible, and will not tip over easily.
  • Keep candles away from combustibles (paper, boxes, clothing, flammable liquids).
  • Do not burn candles in children's rooms, or leave children unattended with burning candles.
  • Do not place lit candles near windows or doorways, where a draft could bring combustibles in contact with flame.
  • Almost one half of all candle related fires start in the bedroom. If you burn candles in the bedroom, place them at least two feet from any bedding, curtains, blinds, wallpaper, upholstered furniture, clothing or reading materials.
  • The best way to prevent a candle related fire in your home is to never leave a burning candle unattended! Extinguish all candles before going to bed, or leaving the room.