Goals & Functions


The goal of the Hanover Park Business CONECT ( Committee on Networking, Education, and Community Teamwork) is to strengthen the Village's business community by encouraging retention and expansion of existing businesses in the community. Where possible, the committee encourages efforts to attract new businesses to the Village. These efforts strengthen the Village's economic base while facilitating networking opportunities for the business community.

The Committee also serves as a business liaison, providing feedback and suggestions on the impact of activities and regulations on businesses, and supporting Village economic development events and activities related to business and development promotion and marketing, land use and transportation planning, workforce development, etc.

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The Hanover Park Business CONECT responsibilities include promoting the Village's business opportunities through promotional events and activities. CONECT facilitates formal and informal networking opportunities at various Village functions and meetings with representatives of the business community. Specifically, they coordinate and host annual networking activities among local businesses, including the "Mayor's Choice" Business of the Year recognition program and reception, a Realtors and Business Reception, and a Business after Hours event.

The Hanover Park Business CONECT Committee consistently reviews and updates material related to the committee's brochure, the Village's HiLighter newsletter and a host of other promotional publications related to opportunities for businesses within the Village. The staff also continues to work with the Hanover Park Business CONECT regarding development updates and potential business retention, expansion and attraction proposals.

Suggestions From Local Businesses

Hanover Park Business CONECT is always looking for suggestions from local businesses and participation in promotional events and activities! Please call the Department of Community Development at 630-823-5780 if you would like more information about the Hanover Park Business CONECT.