2019 Business Retention Survey

2019 Survey Icon Opens in new windowTo ensure the Village is meeting the needs of current and future businesses; the Village of Hanover Park asks our businesses to complete this survey.  Answers are confidential and the survey results will provide input to the Village Board as they make policy to support local businesses, grow a diverse local economy, stabilize our tax base, and create a strong and vibrant business community. 

Responses will be kept confidential.

Primary objectives of the survey include the understanding of: 

  1. The opportunities and challenges for Hanover Park businesses 
  2. Availability of business assistance within the community 
  3. Strengths and Weaknesses of Hanover Park as a place to conduct business 
  4. Perceptions of local barriers for retention, expansion and attraction of business 
  5. Probability of business expansion, relocation, closure or sale. 

We appreciate your time and cooperation in providing this valuable information.  Thank you.

2019 Business Retention Survey