Bonus Activities

Bonus Activities

Engage in fun Wellness activities and earn bonus steps to help you achieve your goals. Following each activity, a QR code will appear, scan the code and automatically receive bonus steps. Once the Challenge has started, just press the 'Bonus Activities' selector ** in the Heka Walk Challenge App and select Scan-In. 

 Scan-In:  Join any of the fun activities and scan the QR codes using the Challenge App at the following locations and receive bonus steps: 


  • Virtual Workouts on Sep 12 and Sep 26: Join the free virtual workout at 9:00 a.m. live.. Scan the QR code (QR code displays at end of the workout) after completing the workout and you will earn 2.5K bonus steps for each workout, 

  •  Saturdays School Walks in September: Join Mayor Craig for a Saturday School Walk and earn extra miles. Scan the QR Code at the school to earn 1K extra healthy steps.

    • September 5- Einstein Elementary School  (10:00 a.m.) 1100 Laurie Lane, HP
    • September 12- Ontarioville Elementary School (10:00 a.m) 2100 Elm Avenue, HP
    • September 19- Greenbrook Elementary School (TBD) 5208 Arlington Circle, HP
    • September 26- Elsie Johnson Elementary School (TBD) 1380 Nautilus Lane, HP