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2022 Deck the House (and Business) Holiday Decorating Contest Registration

  1. Is this for a home or business?*
  2. Add a name for what you would like your house or business to be labeled as. Example for home - Smith Family. Business should use the business name.

  3. A high quality image that highlights your holiday decorations.

  4. Disclaimer:
    I consent to the use of and public dissemination of my screen name or business name, address and the photo of my residence for the purpose of this contest and all associated promotions of the contest such as and including the publication of the foregoing on the Village and/or Hanover Park Park District website, Village and/or Hanover Park Park District social media and other media outlets. I understand this disclaimer information and agree to the public use. I waive and release the Village of Hanover Park and the Hanover Park Park District from any claim, suit or damages I may have against it or its officers, agents or employee occasioned by the public release of any of the aforementioned information.
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