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Cultural Inclusion & Diversity Committee

Cultural Inclusion and Diversity Committee

The Cultural Inclusion and Diversity Committee fosters and promotes understanding, mutual respect, cooperation, and positive relations between and among all residents of the Village by creating a sense of shared community among residents and affirming the value of each resident.

As an advisory committee to the Village President and Board of Trustees, the goals of the Cultural Inclusion and Diversity Committee are to:
  • Promote social harmony in the Village and to help deter through educational and action programs prejudice, discrimination, and intolerance, and
  • Promote community involvement, partnerships, and initiates by conducting educational or informational programs to address the cultural diversity within the Village, and
  • Identify cultural and social service needs of the residents of the Village and to work with existing entities to address these needs in the most meaningful way.
As a fledgling committee, we welcome participation by both residents and employees working in Hanover Park businesses.  We are in the process of growing our membership, identifying the needs of the community and prioritizing our initial goals and objectives in order to positively impact the lives of all residents of Hanover Park.

The Cultural Diversity and Inclusion Committee meets the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 6:15 pm.  For more information about the Cultural Inclusion and Diversity Committee, please feel free to contact Kate Croteau, Staff Liaison to the Committee at (630) 823-5661 or