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Community and Economic Development

Comprehensive Plan

This document is available to view in PDF format. Comprehensive Plan   (10.4 MB)

Click here to view the Existing Land Use map

Click here to view a conceptual Village Center map.

The Planning and Economic Development Division is responsible for administering and implementing the long-range land use planning goals for the Village of Hanover Park.  The Division reviews plans for proposed developments and administers related land use regulations by utilizing these long-range planning goals.  Key reference information is provided via the Village's Comprehensive Plan, which was approved in August, 1998 and updated in 2010.  The Comprehensive Plan provides the long-range goals for land use and community facilities for the entire Village.  While the Comprehensive Plan reflects many existing land uses, it also designates many of the remaining vacant portions of the Village for commercial and business park uses.

Long Range Land Use Map

Long Range Land Use Map Long Range Land Use Map
Long Range Land Use Map