Am I eligible for the Discounted Rate for the Infrastructure Service Charge?

Some residents may be eligible to receive the discount rate of $6.75 for the Infrastructure Service Charge. See our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below.

Who is Eligible for the Service Charge Discount?

Discounted Infrastructure Service Charge is only available for users with a 3/4-inch meter size or less who meet one of the below qualifications:

  • Residents age 65 or older; or
  • Residents enrolled in the Illinois Benefit Access Program; or
  • Residents who qualify as low income by a uniform criteria by the Township that services the residential unit can apply for a  reduced service charge of $6.75 per each one-month billing period.

How Do I Apply for the Discount if I am a Senior?

Please bring your government issued photo ID with your current address and date of birth to the Finance/ Water Billing Department during normal business hours and fill out the application. You may also email the Water Billing department at a completed Senior Discount Application Form along with a copy of your government issued photo ID with your current address and date of birth. To be eligible for the discounted rate, you must be listed as the customer on the water bill for the residence.

How Do I Apply for the Discount if I am a Member of the Illinois Benefit Access Program?

Please contact the Public Works Department during regular business hours at 630-823-5700 for information. You will be required to fill out an application, present your social security card and a government issued photo ID. Must be renewed every 2 years. If your application is approved, you will receive the discounted rate as well as a discounted rate on your garbage service.

How Do I Apply for Low Income Certification in order to receive the discount?

The Village of Hanover Park offers a discounted water infrastructure service charge of $6.75 per month for low-income residents. In order for residents to qualify as low-income, they must provide a certification letter from one of the following programs: LIHEAP, LIHEAP CEDA, IDHS SNAP, or WIC, or other similar approved program. The Village of Hanover Park is collaborating with the townships that service Hanover Park to help residents apply for these programs. Certification letters should be dropped off at the Water Billing Department at Village Hall, or emailed to

The discount for the service charge for a low-income resident of the Village of Hanover Park is limited in its capacity and scope and is guided by the following:

  • The discount for monthly service charge is for Hanover Park residents only.
  • Residents must meet LIHEAP, or other similarly approved program, guidelines as a low-income household.
  • The Hanover Park resident requesting assistance must be specifically listed on the water utility bill (including renters if their name is on the water bill account) to receive the discount.
  •  The discounted rate is $6.75 per month and will expire on March 2nd of each year, regardless of when the original certification was submitted.
  • The discount must be renewed every year and the notice of the resident still meeting the guidelines must be sent to the Village of Hanover Park Water Billing Department on or before March 21st of each year to be effective April 1st. Residents can submit for the discount at any point during the year, but the qualification of the resident meeting LIHEAP or other approved program guidelines must be presented to the Water Billing Department on or before the 21st of the month to be valid on the following month’s bill.

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