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For those who want a hometown that is safe, diverse and inclusive,Hanover Park, Illinois is an excellent place to start your life, raise a family and age in place. It is a community rich with culture, and has a reputation as a friendly, quiet place with effective and engaged government, housing that is affordable and good schools. With 80 different nationalities and 30 languages spoken in Hanover Park, we are, as our new tagline says, "America’s Global Village”.

The new brand, which brings together that diversity around a new graphic identity – Hanover Park USA – which features a logo that represents diversity, inclusion and unity. The logo is a multi-colored globe that represents the cultures of the people living and working in Hanover Park, while emphasizing that in the U.S., we all come together as Americans.

Today, Hanover Park boasts the youngest residents of any Chicago northwest suburb, with a median resident age of 29.7. The spirit and energy of youth is visible throughout the community. Hanover Park is a family community with plenty of neighborhood sports teams and activities available for young families. Hanover Park neighborhoods are filled with children.

Celebrating its 60th birthday in 2018, the village of 38,000 people offers an outstanding location west of O’Hare International along the Elgin-O’Hare Expressway and is served by a busy Metra Milwaukee District West line stop.

Business friendly, Hanover Park also offers a home to both homegrown and Fortune 500 companies through its three business parks, and has excellent retail and transit-oriented development opportunities.

Hanover Park’s historic district, Ontarioville, is poised to become the village’s center through a development effort, and along with its ample green spaces, makes the community an inviting place for upand-comers and those new to the Chicago area.

Our Location

Hanover Park is conveniently located 17 miles from O’Hare International Airport and is 45 minutes from downtown Chicago via the Metra West Line. Hundreds of commuters board Metra commuter trains each weekday at the bustling Hanover Park commuter station, which has seen the fastest growth of any West Line station.

Our Amenities

Golf courses, country clubs, recreational complexes, theaters, and semiprofessional sports abound in neighboring communities. Entertainment opportunities in the Chicago metro area include professional sports, museums, opera, art exhibits, symphony, and theatre.

Our Commitment

The Village of Hanover Park is committed to serving residents and creating a safe, attractive, well-developed, and financially-stable community.

Hanover Park's roots as a settlement reach back into the 19th century, but our growth into a community of nearly 12,000 families really started in the 1950's. As scores of new homes rose on former farm sites and prairie 30 miles northwest of Chicago, our community was incorporated into a village to provide centralized services needed by a burgeoning population.

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