BarnAcle- Vehicle Immobilization Program

The Village of Hanover Park will be implementing the use of the Barnacle vehicle immobilization device for parking violators who have 5 or more unpaid parking citations. The Barnacle replaces the “boot” type vehicle immobilization devices used in the past with a safer, more technologically advanced solution.  The Barnacle is a lightweight device made of mostly plastic that attaches to violator’s vehicle windshield using powerful suction cups, making it impossible for the vehicle to be safely driven until it is removed.  There are many advantages to the use of the Barnacle over more traditional vehicle immobilization boots.  Barnacle devices are far less heavy, attach very quickly, and can be applied much more safely from the curbside.  This eliminates the need for application and removal in street traffic.  They are also non-damaging to vehicles and allow for unclaimed vehicles to be towed with the device on.  Importantly, they can be removed by the parking violator upon payment of outstanding parking fees, which can be done via telephone or the internet.  Once payment is received, the violator receives a code that can be entered on a keypad located on the device.  It can then be removed and returned to the police station. 


Residents are reminded that the Barnacle devices will ONLY be utilized when a vehicle has accumulated 5 unpaid parking citations.  For each of these citations, violators receive several notices throughout the process.  The following is a brief description of the notifications made to the violator for each parking citation:

  • The citation itself is placed on the vehicle with a hearing date 3-4 weeks from the date of issuance.  The citation may be paid within 10 days for a discount ($30 instead of $50).
  • A Notice of Violation letter is then sent if the citation is not paid within 10 days which again provides a hearing date and time.  This notice includes a warning that a vehicle may be immobilized for 5 unpaid citations and that the driver’s license of the owner may be suspended after 10 unpaid citations. 
  • Following the hearing, a Notice of Findings, Decisions, and Order is sent to the violator.  This notice informs the violator of the decision made by the adjudication hearing officer, explains all fees due and the next steps in the process, and provides another warning regarding vehicle immobilization and driver’s license suspension possibilities. 
  • A Notice of Final Determination of Liability is then sent 35 days following the Findings, Decisions, and Order.  This notice informs the violator that the fine will be increasing if it is not paid in 25 days, provides another warning regarding vehicle immobilization and driver’s license suspension, and states that the citation must be paid immediately, or the matter will be sent to collections.  The Village’s debt collections agency is Municipal Collections of America. 
  • Once the citation is sent to collections, a letter is sent to the violator and a follow-up phone call is made by the collection agency.
  • After all the above are sent for each citation, a Notice of Intent to Immobilize is sent to the violator after the fifth unpaid citation.  A hearing date is assigned which the violator may attend to dispute the immobilization.  Twenty-one (21) days after the date on the Notice of Intent to Immobilize, the Barnacle device may be deployed on the vehicle by the police department.     
  • Upon attachment of the Barnacle to a vehicle, the violator has 72 hours to pay the outstanding balance or to agree to a payment plan; otherwise, the vehicle is subject to tow and impound.

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