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Alarm License Application - New

  1. Alarm License Application Form - New
  2. Village of Hanover Park
    2121 Lake Street, Hanover Park, IL 60133
  3. 630-823-5600
  4. All automatic signaling devices must be registered each year and comply with requirements of Article V. Chapter 78 of the Municipal Code of Hanover Park.

    $25.00 Annual Fee

    False Alarm Notice
    The Village of Hanover Park imposes a service charge for responding to more than two false alarms in a permit year:
    3rd response $100.00
    4th & all subsequent $125.00

    All service charges must be paid within 30 days.

    The alarm owner has an opportunity within 10 days of receipt of notice of a false alarm to appeal to the Police Department Support Services Manager the circumstances that he/she feels existed so that the alarm should not be classified as a false alarm.
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  8. Emergency Contact Information
  9. Waiver
    The undersigned, as the legal and beneficial owner or lessee of the property described in this application hereby agrees that the Village shall not be liable for any defects in operation of signal device systems, for any failure or neglect to respond appropriately upon receipt of an alarm from such a source, nor for failure or neglect of any person in connection with the installation and operation of equipment, the transmission of alarm signals and prerecorded alarm messages or the relaying of such signals and messages. In the event that the Village finds it necessary to disconnect a defective signaling device or any device which is used in a manner which violates the provision of the Municipal Code, the Village shall incur no liability by such action.
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