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Business License Application - Renewal


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    1. Business License Application Form - Renewal
    2. Instructions

      1. Complete the Renewal Application Form. 

      2. Submit electronically. You may print a copy for your records.

      3. You will be redirected automatically to the Licensing Payment Portal.

      4. Enter your License Type, License Number, Renewal Number exactly as it appears on your renewal notice.

      5. Submit electronic payment.

    3. Business Information *
      Provide local business & corporate information
    4. This number is provided to you in your renewal form.
    5. This number is provided to you in your renewal form.
    6. Do you own or lease the facility in which your business is located?*
    7. Type of Establishment*
    8. Business Activity - Select one or more of the following activities associated with your business.*
    9. Tests Offered
    10. Method of Specimen Collection
    11. How are Test Results Handled?
    12. Please note primary products/services and any additional products/services

    13. Check all that Apply*
    14. Hazardous Material Storage?*
    15. Type of Food Service
    16. Days of Operation
    17. Preffered Mailing Address*
    18. If no business email, please type N/A

    19. If no website, please type N/A. We encourage our businesses to have a website.

    20. Ownership – Principals, Sole Owners, Shareholders, Partners, etc.
      If you have additional, please attach the listing.
    21. Key Holders/Emergency Contacts
      A minimum of (2) two contacts are required. Do NOT provide ownership info. as listed above.
    22. Cannot be owner information. Please provide alternative contacts.
    23. Cannot be owner information. Please provide alternative contacts.
    24. Property Ownership
      Building Owner
    25. Execute*
      By selecting I agree option below you are giving your electronic signature.
    26. No False statements
      Your submission of this form certifies that the information provided is true and correct.
    27. Information for individual completing this form.