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Dealer License Application - Renewal

  1. Dealer License Application Form - Renewal
  2. Instructions

    1. Complete the Renewal Application Form. 

    2. Submit electronically. You may print a copy for your records.

    3. You will be redirected automatically to the Licensing Payment Portal.

    4. Enter your License Type, License Number, Renewal Number exactly as it appears on your renewal notice.

    5. Submit electronic payment.

  3. Business Information *
    Provide local business & corporate information
  4. This number is provided to you in your renewal form.

  5. This number is provided to you in your renewal form.

  6. Preffered Mailing Address*
  7. Ownership – Principals, Sole Owners, Shareholders, Partners, etc.
  8. If you have additional owners, please attach a listing.
  9. Employees

    All new employees are required to submit to a history and background check and be approved by the Inspectional Services Division. Please call 630-823-5860 to make an appointment for fingerprinting.

  10. If you have additional employees, please attach a listing.
  11. Property Ownership
    Building Owner
  12. Execute*
    By selecting I agree option below you are giving your electronic signature.
  13. No False statements
    Your submission of this form certifies that the information provided is true and correct.
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