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Vendor License Application - New

  1. Vendor License Application Form - New
  2. Business Information *
    Provide local business & corporate information
  3. Vendor Activity - Select one or more of the following activities associated with your business.*
  4. Upload a map showing the location the food vending vehicle will be parked.

  5. Which County will the Vehicle(s) Serve?
  6. A Food Service Permit must be obtained from DuPage County's Health Department before this vendor license will be issued
  7. A Food Service Inspection must be completed by the Village's contracted Health Inspector before this vendor license will be issued
  8. Upload a copy of your approved food service inspection report

  9. Upload a copy of your menu for review

  10. Food/Beverage Vending Vehicle Duration

    How long will the vehicle be in use?

  11. Days of Operation
  12. Describe the type of amusement devices

  13. Example:  Soda Machine 1 - CC123456

  14. Preffered Mailing Address*
  15. Machine Ownership – Principals, Sole Owners, Shareholders, Partners, etc.

    If you have additional, please attach the listing.

  16. Machine Location

    Building/Property Owner

  17. Execute*
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  18. No False statements
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