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Clerk's Office Scholarship for Youth Activities

  1. Applicant Information

    Applicant must be a residing Hanover Park parent or guardian. Documentation verifying the address and relationship to each child must be submitted i.e.birth certificate, court documents.

  2. Submit only one document per child.

  3. Type of document*
  4. Address
  5. Type of Document*
  6. Proof of Need

    You may submit documentation of government aid as proof of need. If you are not enrolled in any government aid programs, you will need to submit proof of income

  7. general assistance, disability assistance, food stamps, or other prequalified governmental aid.

  8. tax returns, a w-2 tax statement, or a current payroll stub check verifying all sources of current income.

  9. Scholarship Recipient

    List each child and the program's name & cost.

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