Community Engagement

Public Participation


The Office of the Village Clerk Kristy Merrill offers scholarships to children the opportunity to participate in enrichment programs in the arts, music and sports. 

Clerk's Special Events

The Office of the Village Clerk Kristy Merrill coordinates several community events throughout the year. Subscribe to our calendar for updates.


Public notices, agendas, and minutes of meetings are posted online and at Village Hall in the Office of Village Clerk Kristy Merrill. 

Village Board Meetings are held at the Village Hall Council Chambers the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the every month at 7:00 pm. Additionally, other appointed volunteer committees, commissions, and boards also hold regularly scheduled meetings. Learn about volunteering and being appointed to a committee, commission or board.


The Rules of Order provide for members of the general public to address the Village Board with concerns or comments regarding issues that are relevant to the Village business. Committee and Commission regular meetings also have a townhall opportunity for the public to address the public body.