Political Sign Regulations

Village Regulation of Political Signs

With the upcoming general elections, the Village is reminding residents of the ordinance regulating the posting of political signs. No permits are required to post political signs. However, signs that violate Village Ordinance will be removed and disposed of by Village personnel.

Village ordinance requires that political signs may not exceed six feet per side of each sign. Signs can not total more than thirty-six square feet per lot. Signs shall be posted on private property with consent of the owner.  

Village Ordinance prohibits the posting of signs on in the following locations:

  • Parkway trees, utility poles or traffic signals.
  • Rear walls of buildings
  • Fences
  • On or overhanging public property or right-of-way.
  • On railroad property.

Any questions about sign regulations should by directed to Code Enforcement Dan Hoffman at dhoffman@hpil.org or 630-823-5565.