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Village Clerk

  1. 2023 Car & Motorcycle Show Form

    Sign up for the Car & Motorcycle Show Event Car Show set up is 9:00-12:00pm Car Show Event 12:00pm-3:00pm FREE event for all... More…

  2. Clerk's Office Scholarship for Youth Activities

    Clerk's Office Scholarship for Youth Activities Form

  3. Market at the Metra Vendor Form

    Vendor Form for Market at the Metra event. One Space: Resident $25 / Non-Resident $30 Two Spaces: Resident $40 / Non-Resident $50 ... More…

  4. Tobacco License Application - New
  1. Charitable Solicitation Permit Application
  2. Commercial Solicitation

    Commercial Solicitation Form

  3. Raffle License Application
  4. Tobacco License Application - Renewal