Village Center

New Village Center Zoning Code

The Village of Hanover Park is taking steps to implement our long-range vision of creating a vibrant "downtown" area around the Metra train station.  To implement land usage recommendations of our plans, Village Board approved changes to the Zoning Code.  These changes include the creation of new zoning districts with regulations and guidelines for future development in the Village Center area.


Starting with the Village Center & Transit-Oriented Development Plan in 2012, the Village of Hanover Park has been striving towards the development of a Village Center to accomplish the following goals:

  • To create a focal point and community gathering place for all residents and visitors
  • To significantly expand economic development opportunities in the Village, especially around transportation centers
  • To increase transportation options for all residents
Village Center Zoning

VILLAGE CENTER Planning Timeline

In 2010, Hanover Park adopted a Comprehensive Plan which identified the "Village Center-TOD" area as a well-planned, transit-oriented, mixed-use, compact development in Hanover Park. 

In 2012, the Village in partnership with the RTA also completed and adopted the Hanover Park Village Center Transit-Oriented Development Plan

In 2017, the TOD plan was further updated following input from several stakeholders including area business and property owners, transit agencies, developers, and residents at large. 

In 2018, recommendations from these plans to acquire key parcels and burial of overhead utilities were implemented and streetscape improvements were designed in order to ‘jump-start’ development interest and attract private sector investment. (See Info Flyer) Additionally, the Village Center TIF District was amended to include the south commuter lots for redevelopment, and the life of the TIF was extended by 12 years. 

In 2018 and 2019, the Village held community meetings to discuss the streetscape design concepts. A meetings was held on 5/17/18, where several business and property owners provided feedback and design was further developed.  Business and property owners were also invited to another presentation on 2/7/19 regarding design concepts for the public parks and gathering spaces as well as proposed sidewalk improvements, landscaped areas, outdoor seating, special paving areas, lighting, other enhanced pedestrian facilities.   

In 2020, the Streetscape improvements were constructed. The improvements were phased, starting with the burial of overhead utility wires.    

In 2021, a ribbon cutting was held on June 23, 2021 for this newly designed civic space for community gatherings. Our 2021 Tree lighting event was held here!

In 2022, following feedback from the Development Commission, a draft document was prepared, and property and business owners were invited to an Open House on February 17, 2022 to provide feedback and ask questions.  

In 2022, following feedback from the Open House, the Development Commission held a Public Hearing on June 9, 2022 to listen to public input and complete their review of the proposed Village Center Zoning Code.

In 2022, the Village Board accepted the recommendation of the Development Commission and voted to approve a Text Amendment to the Zoning Code and then a Map Amendment, applying the new regulations to parcels in the Village Center.


To accomplish these goals, the Village Center Plan focuses on the use of Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) to:

  • Account for changing economic and market conditions
  • Address lifestyle and housing choices
  • To create a dynamic Village Center with direct access to multiple modes of transportation

Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) is the functional integration of land use and transit via the creation of compact, walkable, mixed-use communities within walking distance of a transit stop or station. A TOD brings together people, jobs, and services designed in a way that makes it efficient, safe, and convenient to travel on foot or by bicycle, transit, or car.