Sign-up for New Water Service

New Homeowners

Congratulations and welcome to your new home in Hanover Park!

All new homeowners must sign up for water service before moving into residence. To sign up for water service, please fill out the online water service application or stop by the water billing department located at Village Hall 2121 W Lake Street, Hanover Park, IL 60133. 

Below is important information for new homeowners within the Village of Hanover Park. Please review all this information carefully. 

Water and Sewer Information

Información sobre Agua y Alcantarillado

New Owner Utility Service Listing and Important Village Phone Numbers


Renters/Tenants may be added to a water billing account as an associated customers. Landlords should note that any unpaid balance on the account after a renter moves out will need to be paid in full by the Landlord before a new tenant will be added to the account. In order for a Landlord to add a Tenant to the account, both parties must fill out their portions of the Landlord Tenant Agreement and submit it to the water billing department along with a copy of their state issued ID. Agreements can be submitted in person or by emailing completed forms to

Landlord Agreement

Tenant Agreement


Upon move-out all renters/tenants must notify the Village of their moving date and forwarding address prior to their move. A final bill will be issued to the renter/tenant.