Financial Reporting

Annual Budgets

Prior to 2015, the Village's Fiscal Year budget began May 1st and ended April 30th. In 2015, the Village switched to a calendar year budget and now operates on a budget year beginning January 1st and ending December 31st. The Village Board adopts the Budget in December for the ensuing budget year. The Village Board holds a series of public meetings during to review the proposed Budget. Resident comment is encouraged at these meetings.

View the current and past budgets in our Archive Center.

ACFR (Annual Comprehensive Financial Report)

State law requires an annual audit for local governments. The Village is required to issue a report on its financial position and activity presented in conformance with generally-accepted accounting principles. This report presents a comprehensive picture of the Village's financial activities.

View the current and past reports in our Archive Center.

Comptroller's Report

The Village of Hanover Park files the Annual Treasurer's Report or Comptroller's Report with the State of Illinois once the Financial Audit has been completed. The report includes a Combined Statement of Revenues, Expenditures, and Changes in Fund Balances, a listing of Revenues by Source, a listing of all Vendors paid over $2,500 throughout the Fiscal Year and a listing of gross payroll for the Village's employees.

View the current and past reports in our Archive Center.

The report does not include a listing of all checks printed within the Village, but we do keep a register of all checks printed within the Village of Hanover Park, including outstanding and voided checks. View past check registers in our Archive Center.