Water Bill Information

Billing Cycles

Water bills are issued on the First of every month, with payment due 20 days after the billing date. A ten percent penalty is added to bills that remain unpaid after the due date. If a bill remains unpaid 34 days after the billing date, an additional $50 fee will be assessed and water service may be terminated.

Checks will not be accepted to satisfy accounts that remain unpaid 34 days after the billing date.

Water Turn On Procedures

New residents must come to the Village Hall to complete an application for water service. If you are a new tenant or a landlord, you are required to complete the landlord/tenant agreement (PDF) to establish service.


As a Tenant, when moving out of your residence, please contact the Water Billing Department at 630-823-5799 to arrange for a final meter read. As a homeowner, when selling your property please contact the Finance Department at 630-823-5790 to start the real estate transfer stamp process. (72 HRS REQUIRED FOR ALL REAL ESTATE TRANSFER STAMP REQUESTS).